John Ogunmuyiwa


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Nigerian-born, London-bred filmmaker, photographer and creative John Ogunmuyiwa is a busy man. “I feel like I have a day job and a night job. I work as a creative for Havas where I’ve worked on campaigns for Heathrow, Durex and Ballantine’s among others. But I’m also a photographer and director. I’ve just made my first short film called Wilson, which was picked up by Channel 4’s Random Acts series,” he explains.

In both his creative and advertising work there is a constant sense of questioning what it means to be human, and what it means to be normal. “I just love ideas and creating stuff. I like the diversity of working in advertising, you can easily jump between things. From the research process to seeing the final product, every stage is different which keeps every day interesting.” 

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Interview by: Bre Graham

Edvinas Bruzas