Sherina Florence



Creative Director Sherina Florence is an innovative communicator and master of art direction, branded content, and interactive design. “I don’t have a single piece that defines me. My portfolio is an evolution,” she explains. “Every day I grow, learn and develop. So no work will ever be a true representation of where my skill or thinking is.” Florence’s career path has been as diverse as her portfolio, she was previously based in Los Angeles with Ogilvy, New York City with Tribal DDB and London with Apple. However, the one constant that she credits: “The consistent part of my journey has been the mentorship and support of the creative generation before me. People like Perry Fair and Jimmy Smith have guided me. Norm Grey, who founded The Creative Circus, DC Washington, Carol Vick were all invested in helping a struggling kid get her creative life together. It’s why I now try to help other young people.”

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Interview by: Bre Graham / Photography by: Sherina Florence

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