Elizabeth Francisco


Elizabeth Francisco

Elizabeth Francisco is a screenwriter, filmmaker, creative project manager and producer. She has worked with a number of international organisations as a local producer such as Art Rules Curaçao, Favela Painting and more recently the Dutch TV show Foute Vrienden. She lives and works in her hometown of Curaçao and is currently writing her first feature film. 

“I’m compelled to tell stories like these. I want to bring social issues to light,” explains Francisco, the writer and director of Sin Ayo, a short film about the 1967 collapse of the Queen Juliana bridge. “Our executive producer’s great-uncle passed away during this tragedy and for a long time we talked about putting this idea into a script. I finished it in 2016 and we tried to raise funding as we knew it was coming up to the 50th anniversary. We really wanted to make it to commemorate what happened to those fifteen men who lost their lives.” 

Interview by Bre Graham

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