Kia Moses


Kia Moses

The short film Flight, marks Kia Moses’ first foray into directing and screenwriting. The touching narrative, which she co-directed with Adrian McDonald, and “an incredible Jamaican crew and cast,” focuses on an inner-city boy’s dream to fly to the moon, despite his circumstances and his father’s opposition.

Growing up, Moses had a vivid imagination, always making things and creating worlds. “I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was already dreaming of being what I am today – a creator, writer and director.” She confides that Jamaican parents are known for being strict and encouraging their children down traditional career paths, but explains her own mother (a single parent and lawyer), was always her biggest supporter.

Watch Flight trailer here.

Interview by Katy Pryer

Photographer: Jevonee Roberts (Design Dojo)

Wardrobe Stylist: Kaysian Wilson (Flowerchild1999)

Hair Stylists: Rashelle Muir (Ash’s Naturelle) 

& Roneil Matthews (Barber Shop)

Make-up Artist: Chelsea Williams (MakeupByChello)

Production Coordinator / Prop Master: Lindsey Lodenquai

Creative Director: Kia Moses

Edvinas Bruzas