Shari Petti


Shari Petti

“From the age of five or six, I dreamed of becoming an actress,” says filmmaker Shari Petti. “I remember watching Spike Lee’s Crooklyn, and seeing a girl close to my age who was really cool, and thinking I needed to be in front of the camera but I had no idea how to get there.” Things took a slightly different turn for Petti, who did spend some time acting as part of a theatre group and on-screen, before working on set and falling in love with the energy there instead. “I’d never touched a camera before in my life, and I had no idea if it was something I wanted to commit to, but I ended up changing my major to film,” she says. “It was an interesting shift. It wasn’t something I expected at all.”

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Interview by Emma Tucker

Photography by Shaun Rambaran

Edvinas Bruzas