Sophia Nahli Allison

Filmmaker and Photographer

Sophia Nahli Allison

“Growing up I was surrounded by folklore, history and fiction,” says filmmaker and photographer Sophia Nahli Allison. That comes as no surprise when you consider her body of work, which ranges from an experimental documentary about Latasha Harlins (a 15-year-old African-American murdered in the early 1990’s) to a ritualistic series of photos that attempt to awaken Black ancestral memory. Although Allison originally studied theatre, she quickly found a love for “the visual language and poetics of memory,” changing to a BA in photojournalism and later receiving an MA in visual communication. Since then she’s had work featured in The New Yorker as well as several film festivals, and completed various artist residencies in the US. 

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Interview by Emma Tucker

Edvinas Bruzas