Stefon Bristol


Stefon Bristol

Having your feature film debut on Netflix is no small feat for a rising director. Add to that a production credit from Spike Lee, and it’s clear there’s some talent at play. In this case, the talent is New York director Stefon Bristol, a Brooklyn-born filmmaker with a mission to put people of colour in sci-fi and fantasy stories. His film See You Yesterday (which premiered on the streaming service earlier in the year) tells the story of a young Black kid using time travel to try to save her brother from being killed by the police. 

Bristol spent some serious time researching the theory behind it all, including working with an NYU physics professor and a gaming expert, but says in the end they both told him the same thing: just make it up. He jokes about the liberties he’s taken with the science, but emphasises that time travel enables the film’s underlying message. “It’s a device to say this is happening over and over again,” he explains. “I want to make a point about young Black people, what they’re going through, and how police brutality keeps happening, and will continue to happen.”

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Interview by Emma Tucker

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