Head of Social Content at Oath


As a minority woman from an underprivileged background, Tasnim Bhuiyan is aware of the responsibilities she now has in her role as Head of Social Content at Oath, to help women with similar backgrounds. “Choosing this path was not something that was encouraged by my parents,” she confides. “I started as an illustrator and then moved to graphic design and on to web design. I did my BA and then a Master’s. I always knew I wanted to be creative. I had a blog on Tumblr and it started to get really big. My career started at the BBC, then I was a designer at Yahoo, and when they acquired Tumblr I thought ‘Yes! I’m really good at this.’ I then moved more into the creative direction. It’s so cool, I love it and it’s a move that totally changed my career.”

Edvinas Bruzas