My Thinking Face - Today I Woke Up Feeling New

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I hope you are well.

I'm Laure Atanasyan, a french director.
I've directed a music video, "Today I Woke Up Feeling New" for the french band MY THINKING FACE.

Following a young woman who's a truck driver. The music video has a documentary style. An intimate road movie.
I've been on the road, filming her doing her job from Toulouse (southwest of france) till la Rochelle.
Her name is Sophie, I met her when I was 15 at school, twelve years ago. I've always wanted to film her, but I didn't do it. We stayed a bit in touch, I knew she has become a truck driver.
When the band My Thinking Face asked me to direct their new music video, I thought the music was perfect for a road movie and remembered Sophie. So I called her, we talked about her job, and how is her daily job routine. Then I asked her if I could leave with her, and she said "yes". So we hit the road.
I'd like to submit the video to The Pitch fanzine
I hope you'll like it, please don't hesitate to ask me if you need any more informations,
Kindest regards,

IG : @l_atanasyan

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