Aaron Duffy


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Creative director, founder, thinker and maker is how Aaron Duffy sums up himself. The filmmaker is signed to 1stAveMachine and lives and works in Brooklyn.

What do you want to achieve creatively in 2019?

I’ve been working as a director and creative director for a dozen years now and I’ve been very focused on myself during that time. I want to focus more on building up others in 2019. The world needs more creative minds, better access to those minds and smarter ways to work with those creative minds. I want to concentrate on that in two ways: Firstly I’m building up a platform called SpecialGuest.co for hybrid creative talent who are strong both conceptually and in execution. It is a first-of-its-kind destination for top creative directors with hands-on skills. Secondly, I’m going to work on finding new upcoming talent more. I want to take on more of a mentoring role.

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Interview by: Bre Graham

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