Sam Sneade



Growing up, Sam Sneade dreamed of being a guitarist in a blues band. “There’s a hell of a lot of failed musicians in editing,” he says with a smile. “Both music and editing are all about rhythm, timing and imagination. To get something to sit with people there has to be a musicality to it.” In the end, Sneade decided to get a job in post-production though he still plays the guitar, as evidenced by the instruments casually propped up in his Soho suite.

In 1995 he launched Speade. “I started Speade as a film editor rather than a businessman,” Sneade explains, which is reflected in the family-like culture that he has cultivated at the studio. “I’ve tried to encourage kindness and cooperation rather than feverish competition, because I think you go further that way. I like it when we’re all sharing work and learning off each other.” 

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Interview by: Kate Hollowood

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