Vanley Burke


Iconic photographer Vanley Burke remains modest about his work, preferring instead to treat the art of documenting as a historic duty and a way to learn more about the communities around him.

A picture tells a thousand words as the adage goes, but in the case of this avid collector and recent Desert Island Disc interviewee, his pictures go beyond storytelling and become part of that history. Inspired by his own journey, Jamaican-born Burke made his name documenting the arrival of Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK - his photographic work timeless in its portrayal of a community unfairly represented in the media at the time. As part of this group, he had unprecedented access with which to truthfully depict their lives. 

Initially drawn to photography by curiosity, his desire to record life hasn’t wavered and he carries a camera wherever he goes.

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Interview by: Olivia Atkins / Photography by: Vanley Burke

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