Innovative programme invites underrepresented young people to engage with Sky and apply for real opportunities within the organisation 

As part of Sky’s commitment to improving access to jobs in the creative industries to people from the most underrepresented communities in the country, the Sky Marketing Group has teamed up with Sherry Collins and Pitch to launch an innovative programme called Pitch Our Stories. Despite diversity and inclusivity being a much-discussed topic within the creative sectors, there is still a disparity between the level of attention the subject is receiving and the creation of real opportunities for the communities being targeted. Pitch Our Stories aims to change that.

Working directly with Youth Leaders within councils across London as well as organisations like The Prince’s Trust, Pitch Our Stories invites young people to submit something that tells Sky a bit about themselves. The application criteria is not focused on CVs but instead asks young people to submit their story in the form of a filmed-piece shot on their smart phone, a short biography or a podcast-style interview that provides some insight into them and their background.

The programme will ensure that Sky gets to meet young people who likely have no tangible way to get into the industry and invite them to apply for real opportunities. Each Pitch Our Stories event will provide young people with direct access to Sky’s Recruitment and Early Careers teams, who will help guide them through the process of applying for live vacancies, internship placements or apprenticeship schemes.  To support the overall programme, Sky has created additional full time, permanent, entry level jobs as well as paid internships and apprenticeship opportunities.

Pitch Our Stories is the first in a number of partnerships and collaborations, that the Sky Marketing Group has developed. The first Pitch Our Stories event takes place on Thursday, 4th July at the Sky Campus in Osterley. Young people wanting to apply to be a part of this programme should visit from today.

Founded in 2015 by Sherry Collins, The Pitch Fanzine is a movement challenging inequality, discrimination and the lack of diversity in the creative industries, while simultaneously showcasing outstanding contemporary talent in its publication Pitch. In that period, Sherry has carved out a role as an industry ambassador, lobbying the creative industries to think more carefully about how it engages with creative talent and young people from underrepresented communities. Through Sherry’s unique network, Sky Creative Agency and Sky Marketing will be able to identify and authentically engage with young people from a broad range of backgrounds and communities.

As the core sponsor of the diversity and inclusivity programme, Sky’s Chief Marketing Officer Luke Bradley-Jones explained: “We believe that diversity should be at the absolute heart of Sky’s creative output. How can we possibly reflect society within our brands and campaigns if we’re not accurately reflecting society within our teams? If we want to stay at the cutting edge of creativity it’s essential that we ensure we have the broadest perspectives and points of view possible within the Marketing team, and that’s what our diversity and inclusivity programme will achieve. We’re excited to be working with organisations like Pitch and its founder Sherry, and we hope that in time we can make a real difference.”

Sherry Collins, the founder of Pitch, added: “It’s really refreshing to be working with an organisation as large as Sky to implement a programme that will result in real opportunities for young people, who otherwise have very little chance of getting into the creative industries.”


Dan Walsh, Head of Communications, Sky Creative Agency