Google - Make Sense on Mobile

The Google Make Sense on Mobile ad directed by Dan Castella, Hoi Polloi,  recounts five major eye-rolling customer moments in the effort to emphasise Google's commitment to improving mobile business. One scene shows a lady unable to pay because the shop keeper is nowhere to be seen and another customer waiting patiently for her morning coffee while the barista slowly writes her initials in fancy italics. It’s pretty funny, click and watch it above.


Production Company: Hoi Polloi

Director: Dan Castella

Producer: Pete Shuttleworth

Production Manager: Archie Johnston Stewart

Sound Recordist: Richard Jones

Production Assistant: Will Burgass

Sound Designer: Ed de Lacy

Lighting: Dave Nye

Editor: Christopher Coupland 

Agency: Phantom

Creative Director: Jamie Nicoll

Creative Lead: Lisa Berenson

Agency Producer: Alejandra Ravassa

Creatives: Hannah Davies & Joshua Denton

Strategy Lead: Dom O'Hare

Sherry Collins