June Sarpong - Creative Equals

Creative Equals: RISE, Our creative leadership conference, 15May

There was an electric atmosphere at the RISE conference this year, which was hosted by Creative Equals Founder and CEO Ali Hanan. Among the dynamic speakers were Meera Syal CBE, Samantha Renke, Mary Portas and June Sarpong MBE. We spoke to TV presenter and author June, shortly after her talk, to get her views on diversity and inclusion in the creative industry today.

She said: “ There hasn’t been a significant change [in diversity]. What is happening for the first time is companies are now taking diversity seriously. They are realising that they have to in order to be around in the future. So you are hearing companies that would never have bothered in the past talking about diversity. The bit that I’m most impressed by though is they are beginning to distinguish between the various groups.”

Her advice for talent from diverse backgrounds: “Get in to the creative sector now if you are young and from a diverse background. It’s the easiest time it’s ever been!”

Sherry Collins