017 Mavericks

017 Mavericks


Who exactly is a Maverick?

Is it a person who cracks on with total determination, ignoring all others? Or is it someone who turns against the prevailing wisdom, bringing the crowd along with them in the process? Do Mavericks see the world differently? In this issue we’ve featured a selection of Mavericks who are determined to create great work, change the world for the better, or both.

We also introduce for the first time, Mavericks from the community. Men and women who have taken a stand to help highlight the struggles of some of the most vulnerable people in our society today, or turned a spotlight on groups whose stories have gone unheard in the past.

Our Mavericks ...

Aaron Duffy / Chris Turner / David Savizon / Elaine Constantine  / Eliza Rebeiro / Hainsley Brown Jason Bruges / Josie Naughton / Ruth Potts / Sean Pruen / Sam Sneade  / Vanley Burke

And legendary Maverick Tony Kaye created a special centre-fold artwork for the issue.

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Our issue forward is written by Jane Evans who launched Janee, a new kind of agency that is part activist, part advertiser, part think-tank that partners with brands that require real female wisdom.

Cover image by: Vanley Burke