Gary Szabo

CEO at Smoke & Mirrors


Colourist Gary Szabo rose to become CEO of international post-production company Smoke & Mirrors, and to sit on the board of its parent company, marketing and communications giant Williams Lea Tag. Or as he puts it: “I’ve almost gone from being a midfield player to Director of Football.” 

The 53-year-old Hungarian-Irish Liverpudlian, has overseen Smoke & Mirror’s expansion into nine overseas markets including Mexico, Amsterdam, New York, Bangkok and Shanghai, and its development into a one-stop shop that can handle every aspect of tactical content. But throughout the changes, Szabo has sought to preserve the spirit of creativity and collaboration that first attracted him into the industry. “It’s all about collaborations,” he explains. “Partnerships with brilliant, great fun, creative people. Seeing how other people do stuff, helping each other out. That’s the great thing about Soho - everybody will try to help everybody out.”

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