Making Five Star Fouad

director ollie wolf at caviar


Director Ollie Wolf from Caviar tells us how he came to make his latest short, Five Star Fouad. 

"Fuck! It was this four-letter word that first made me notice Dominic West. You might have seen the scene in The Wire. It’s the one where McNulty - Dominic’s character - investigates a murder using only that word. It’s three glorious minutes of fucking motherfuckers. It’s genius and it makes you realise the power of intonation to tell a story. From that scene onwards I was a fan. Cut to nine years later. I’m older, greyer, fatter and I’m on Facebook where I see that Jameson were looking for comedy scripts for their Jameson First Shot Competition. Interesting. I scroll down and there’s McNulty’s handsome face. He was going to be the lead. Well, I had to enter didn’t I. So that weekend and oddly without all the usual procrastination of tidying the flat or washing the cat, I wrote a seven-page script. It was called Five Star Fouad and charted the story of a bumbling bank robber who uses an Uber as a getaway car. The premise made me laugh and to be honest I didn’t overthink it. I just tried to keep it simple and self-contained as I heard that’s what you have do in short films. Then I sent it off and got back on with painting the back bedroom. So I was pretty shocked when Jameson sent me a video to watch. I pressed play and there was Dominic West looking directly down the barrel of the lens into my eyes. I was mesmerised. He was talking to me using my name. My mouth dropped. He was telling me he thought my script was funny and that I was one of the three winners who’d be flown out to film with him in LA. Only one word sprung to mind. Fuck!"

Watch Five Star Fouad HERE

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