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Director Nick Collett, moved from London to New York in June last year. In Pitch Stories he shares a selection of his diary entries of his time since then, which we are sharing a few of below. 



4th Jun. 2017. Brooklyn, NY - I moved to New York today. Just signed a lease on a 31st floor flat that I definitely can’t afford. It’s completely empty apart from an air mattress that my girlfriend pre-ordered on Amazon. Our bed is in a shipping container waiting to cross the Atlantic and won’t be here for three months. Oh, and I don’t have a visa to work here yet. I probably could have planned this better.

5th Jun. Brooklyn, NY - I’m cutting two comedy films that I directed for Sky last week. At 4am each morning I FaceTime into the edit in London. I have no internet in my flat yet, so sit in a corridor to steal the Wi-Fi from a downstairs restaurant. The call drops out or freezes approximately every 8-12 minutes. Everybody loves this incredibly convenient arrangement and is really looking forward to three weeks of editing like this.

4th Aug. JFK, NY - Eight weeks in NY and I’m flying back to London for a shoot. My work visa is showing zero signs of appearing and I’m completely broke. It appears there are things I didn’t budget for. Last week I had to pay the agent who rented us our flat a “finder’s fee” of $7,500. A cursory glance at my receipts also tells me I should probably stop trying to drink all of the alcohol in New York.

11th Aug. Brentford, UK - I don’t know where my fascination with New York started. Maybe it’s because the whole place feels like one huge film set. I’d always dreamed of moving there. I don’t remember the part in that dream where the only way I can afford to pay the rent on my flat in Brooklyn is to move into my parents’ spare room in Brentford.

 You will have to grab a copy of our latest issue for the rest of Nick entries.

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