Pitch Futures

Pitch Futures is a community interest initiative launched by Pitch magazine. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the creative talent of today and the creative talent of tomorrow, so that our industry is as diverse as our community.


Diversity Starts at Grassroots. Inspire the Young.

Pitch Futures School Industry Tours | Pitch Futures Exhibition

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Pitch Futures Exhibition

The Pitch Futures Exhibition is taking place on December 6-7, hosted by D&AD. The exhibition is aimed at our industry readers and primary school children, aged between eight and ten. We are inviting the children to immerse themselves in our exhibition, and we will have speakers from the advertising industry as part of our first Creative Class. Here industry talent will have the freedom to share their creative stories with the children in an interactive way. By targeting schools with a diverse mix, we aim to capture the imagination of the advertising creatives of the future,
by inspiring them, and sowing the creative seed.


Pitch Futures School Industry Tours

After the Pitch Futures Exhibition, we will invite primary school children to visit the advertising industry as part of the Pitch School Industry Tours, starting in January 2018, where they will have the opportunity to visit advertising agencies, post houses and photography studios, to experience the real working environment of the creative industry.

If you would like to host an industry tour please get in touch.



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